It’s been a lovely day today. After staying up passed midnight completing applications I got up as usual to work on some research for my museum exhibition. Tiredness was not going to stop me heading down the Bay to pick up some information and pop to Tyler’s new apartment for a look around and cuppa. I’m very biased as I do love this little ol’ city of ours, but it was looking beautiful in the sun and they are setting up ready for the annual Food Festival this weekend. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go as we are heading to Surrey tomorrow to visit Dave’s friends for the weekend. Still I’m very excited as Tyler’s family are arriving on Tuesday morning from North Carolina in time for his graduation 🙂 

Tyler has adopted Cardiff as his now aswell and I’m so pleased that he has such an amazing location to live for what may be his last year here. His mom is going to love this apartment but he wasn’t too happy with me directing his cleaning whilst I put my feet up! I see it as my duty as his surrogate big sister to teach him some life skills whilst he’s here!

I hope you’ll all get to enjoy some of the sunshine again today. Where’s your favourite place to head where you live when the sun is shining?

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