H54F -Growing up fashion, it’s all about the kids!

I’ve had a few days off work this week which has been nice and enabled me to spend some time with Megan. Whilst I was working on Wednesday however, my sister took her shopping to New Look to buy some clothes with her birthday money. At 11 she is most definitely developing her own style which I think will be on the more edgy side. She definitely takes after my sister who can pull off outfits that I could never in a million years manage! I used to selfishly get frustrated when Megan wouldn’t wear what I had bought her or turn her nose up at the pretty outfits I chose, but now I love that she has her own style and her personality comes out in her clothes. She still likes some of the prettier clothes which makes me happy, but is now much better at creating outfits that don’t make me shudder!! 

(All New Look apart from (grubby!) Next high tops)

Here are my five favourite things from this week….
1. That this weekend is the last before we head to Portugal for our summer holiday. Although our weather has (on the whole) been good to us this summer, we are now half way through the summer holidays and I can’t wait to get into the sun and actually RELAX!! Lying by the pool whilst Megan is at the kids club, reading a book sounds bliss to me. Exploring the old towns, playing on the beach – I cannot wait 🙂
2. Only having to rush out of the door twice this week to work. I love the lazier mornings that school holidays bring on my days off. 
3. Evenings spent lying on the bed with Megan introducing her to films such as Maid in Manhattan, My Girl and You’ve Got Mail. Loving having an excuse and someone to watch girly films with. It won’t be long until I get her started on my Audrey Hepburn collection! 
4. Days out with my dear friend Tim and his girls. Things are so busy we have gone for months without seeing each other, so the summer holidays are the perfect opportunity for fun filled days. Today was such a day with a visit to a wildlife park, pony grooming, pig races & quad bikes – so much fun with three girls in tow!
5. I’m really appreciating living close to my sister again, being able to help each other out, pop around for girly chats and spending more time with my niece and nephews. We’re like chalk and cheese but she’s been my saviour lately and I’d be lost without her. 
What have been your best bits of the week? Plans for the weekend? I’m so looking forward to packing my suitcase! Have a good one 🙂 



3 thoughts on “H54F -Growing up fashion, it’s all about the kids!

  1. Rebecca and Lori says:

    My daughter (who is now 12 and started junior high on Thursday-ahhhhhh!) started turning away from a lot of my outfit choices for her when she was in kindergarten. Before that, that kid was dressed in head to toe matching outfits, usually from Gymboree, complete with matching accessories and even matching underwear. Once she hit kindergarten, though, she really wanted to express herself through clothes and has been doing it ever since! I love that she likes to express herself through clothes, and I'm right there with you that sometimes her choices made me cringe!
    Such a fun post on your little one- I bet she loved being the star and showing off her new outfit. So edgy and fun!
    Hope you have a great vacation.


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