Pig racing, packing & parties!

The start of the weekend was spent at Avon Valley Park, where the girls (aged 11, 10 and 6), groomed ponies, we watched a pig race (Megan guessed the winning pig!), Tim had to rescue his car keys from the giant rabbit pen and the kids played on quad bikes and zip wires. The weather was great and the park was huge but due to time constraints we didn’t make it all the way around. It was a great place to catch up with friends and for the kids to burn off some energy. We are sure to be visiting again soon!

   Here come the piggies racing for the food…

   …apart from this little piggy who wasn’t interested at all!! 

After a sleepover with friends, the rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. Megan had her usual dance class, we went shopping for the last few bits for our holiday and I spent a few hours in work Sunday afternoon whilst Megan was at a friends birthday party.

Now Monday morning is here however I’m thinking it may have been a bit too relaxed as I have so much to do before we go away! 
How was your weekend? 

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