Planning for Paris (some things I’m loving)

I may have gone slightly crazy on the money front this week, but a girl is allowed to every once in a while, right? 
I’ve booked flights to Paris for Megan and I to visit my dear friend Henri for a weekend next month! Five weeks, so excited 🙂 
Amongst the items bought on my shopping spree this week was this cropped tea from Urban Outfitters (£28). I love it, it’s so me!

There’s a bit of a theme running through this post but I loved this conversation with Megan after I booked our flights this came up…
Me: Megan, what would you like to do when we visit Henri?
Megan: Could we please go to the Musee du louvre again?
Me: I’m sure we can. Did you want to look at the paintings?
Megan: Yes please, I’d like to see the Mona Lisa. You know Mum, the one Leonardo DiCaprio painted!
Bless my child!
My skin has been playing up after the heat of Portugal and the changeable weather here in the UK. I swear by No. 7 products and this Thermal Clay Mask didn’t let me down. It became a bit hotter than I expected, but the combination of the heat, exfoliator and mask left my skin feeling so fresh, clear and smooth.

All that’s left this week is to snuggle up with a cup of tea and some cookies to watch Audrey Hepburn in Paris When it Sizzles and I’ll be right in the mood!! 
I hope you’ve had a good week. What’s been your favourite part? 

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One thought on “Planning for Paris (some things I’m loving)

  1. Katie Did What says:

    Oh my gosh, what a cutie you have! Love what she said! Good choice too- I loooove the Louvre! Also, that top. I NEED IT. I'm just kind of a little bit obsessed with Paris! I'll be living vicariously through your trip photos!

    Thanks for linking up! 🙂



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