Birthday / September favourites – life will have it’s ups and downs

I am back in blogland after a somewhat unexpected break of a week and a half (more on that later). Before I share the things I’ve been loving this September though, here’s a small sneak of my birthday weekend !!
Friday saw me turn 32 (I’m ‘ok’ with being 32 if I can only stop aging now please!) and I was completely spoilt and overwhelmed by the effort everyone went to for me.  Although Megan was unwell and at home with me, we managed lunch, had a houseful of visitors all day and I was joined by my neighbours for a girly evening of Indian food and wine.  I’m planning a post of my birthday gifts as there were some lovely ones, but take a look at the cute My little Pony cropped tee and the silver cake Megan decorated for me! 

September hasn’t been too kind, it has seen me split with my partner and find out that my uncle has terminal cancer.  Although I had lots of posts planned I have found myself unable to blog or even read many posts.
Amongst this though I have come out of an awful situation feeling extremely humbled and blessed by the support that I have received.  I have the most wonderful friends, family and neighbours, who have been there for me literally around the clock whether taking me out to eat, sitting with me at Megan’s dance studio, redecorating my house or staying up with me all night.  Most importantly, I have the most beautiful daughter and a God that has given me the strength to come through the dark days of the last few weeks.
I’m not wishing for this to be a doom and gloom or sympathy seeking post, I believe that I am on a path and all will reveal itself shortly, but for now I am taking comfort in that my uncle is not in pain and that my life is truly blessed with some amazing people. Amongst the terrible things that are going on in the world we are also surrounded by a whole lot of love. 
Here are my favourite things from September…

comfy and cute outfits. This is sure to be my autumn ‘go to’.

My new Paperchase owl travel mug. Now that there is a chill in the air every morning, a cup of tea is essential on the way to work. This travel cup / flask was just too cute to pass over! 

My gorgeous girls starting their new schools. My three year old niece started nursery school at the beginning of the month, she just looks too small! I feel the same about Megan, she started high school and at eleven, in my opinion is far too young. So proud of them both though and how they are settling in.

Since starting high school, Megan is loving her art classes and has spent most evenings creating masterpieces for family. I love this drawing of Wolverine. 

It’s hot chocolate time!! That time of year when I really must limit my hot chocolate intake. It really is too tempting some days, especially when you are in desperate need of comfort food.
And last but not least…..

The return of Downton Abbey. For me, nothing signifies the shorter, darker nights than the return of Downton! As soon as that music starts do not disturb me –  Sunday nights between 9-10pm are all mine! I’m already thinking that there should be a book of Mrs Patmore’s advice and the Dowager Countess’ one liners! It’s so hard not to put any spoilers on here for my American friends who are a season behind. 

How do you cope with life’s up and downs? Who is your support network? And what is your autumn television of choice?

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12 thoughts on “Birthday / September favourites – life will have it’s ups and downs

  1. Veronica and Daniel says:

    Hi! I just clicked over from Ashley's and I am SOOO jealous that you get to watch Downton Abbey already! I'm in the US and we have to wait till January 5th for the next season!! I LOVE that owl mug – I've been a bit obsessed with owls this fall 🙂 And that outfit looks perfect for fall – love the polka dots! Hope October is wonderful for you!


  2. Fragile Bird says:

    Firstly, shut up are you 32, I would never in a million years believed it, now if you were to reverse the digits that looks more likely!!
    Also, im so sorry for you completely awful month, they say everything happens for a reason, im sure it will all work out in the end.

    Hope all is well and October is a much better month!





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