Indian Summer and Jimmy Choo sunnies

It has been a beautiful weekend weather wise. It was lovely to wake up to the sun shining after the rain and dull skies we’d had during the week. The temperatures are still mild enough to be wearing a t-shirt during the afternoon which makes a lovely change to the norm of this time of year. Unfortunately the title of this post is much more exciting than the post actually is, so I apologise for the deception!
To be honest I didn’t do a lot this weekend, apart from going out from lunch on Saturday we mainly pottered around the house getting a few jobs done and watched TV.  
My neighbour came over Saturday evening and we watched Tai Woffingdon become the first British World Speedway champion in thirteen years! ( Celebratory drinks necessary of course!), followed by a 5am alarm Sunday morning to watch the Formula 1 Korean GP! 

It wasn’t all being a case of being lazy though, I had a bad day with the fibromyalgia yesterday and was incapable of doing anything other than dose in and out of sleep due to my medication. 
I did however manage to find these amazing Jimmy Choo / Carerra sunglasses that just have to be bought! An Indian summer and the fact I broke my favourite pair in Portugal, totally justifies a new pair of sunglasses in October, right?!? Plus they’d be perfect for Paris in under two weeks – I’m sold! 

I have been completely lacking in outfit posts or anything else remotely interesting I’m afraid as I have spent the weekend in leggings, t-shirt and a jumper! Although I promise to make more of an effort this week!! 
How was your weekend? I’m sure this is probably the most boring post ever, so I’m guessing it was more interesting than mine haha!
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