Weekend Time Out

I’ve truly been looking forward to this day all week! I know I seem to be saying this a lot lately, but the last week or so really has been so hectic. Maybe it’s just that my fibro is playing up and that I always seem to be in work, but I am so exhausted. I’m off work today but still busy as I am currently on my way to the hospital for my physiotherapy appointment. I am starting two months of advanced rehabilitation for the fibromyalgia, which I am very nervous about as the pain / tiredness is bad enough just with daily activities let alone two half days a week of physio. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t break me! It has meant however that I have bought a new swimsuit from Marks and Spencer none the less! I’ve always dreaded wearing a one piece do to my lacking in the chest department but didn’t feel that my sparkly bikini was appropriate for physiotherapy! I actually love this swimsuit though, the stripes make me look more curvy, it has cups and a cross over detail at the busy which detracts from what’s missing! I’m thinking that this may be making an appearance outside of rehab.

This week has seen me craving chocolate, possibly due to tiredness but I have tried to limit this to either chocolate & coconut milk or two gluten free chocolate cookies every now and then. We have had such warm weather for October, but the much colder weather over the last couple of days has made it the perfect time for a cup of tea and cookies (in my Cath kidston cup and saucer of course).

We’ve also had a couple of new additions to our family! On Monday night one of two stray rabbits found in a neighbours garden was attacked by something. The owners who appear to want nothing to do with them were nowhere to be found ( we know who they are), so my neighbour and I paid for her treatment at the vets and she came home with me. Unfortunately we couldn’t catch her sister. 

Until Friday evening…and now they have been reunited! 

One of the best things about autumn has to be costing up in front of the log burner and this is where you can expect to find me all evening!! 

I hope you find some chill out time this weekend.


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