Six months ago I joined Rosalilium for the Blog Every Day in May challenge, where although I didn’t manage every day, I did have a pretty good running! I’m now back for Blog Every Day in November and the challenge is needed as that little thing called life has been well and truly getting in the way of this little space lately.

Back in May I wrote this introduction to moi, which still stands but here are a few current extras. 

I am now 32, not 31. Sigh.
I have recently caught the travel bug again. In the last three months we have been to Portugal and Paris, this weekend I should have been in Abu Dhabi for the Formula 1 (not gutted at all), and we already have a host of plans for next year. 
I have adopted another two bunnies since May. They were blind, injured and their owner didn’t want them so I couldn’t help myself.  I had only had my house bunny free for one day (after moving our last rescued two into a hutch) and the cage was in use again. 
I have once again become a shopaholic. I can use the excuse that I have put on weight and need new clothes, however this wouldn’t have made much of a difference. I was thinking about a self imposed shopping ban for November but this morning purchased a new pair of boots, so I guess that’s gone out of the window already. I did think about it though right? Small steps! 
I kinda got carried away by Halloween this year and Christmas could see the same. I think I am becoming more of a child as I get older. Working in a museum kinda helps with this. Take a look at what I got paid to do this week….

I will post earlier in the day than this during BEDN. I only decided to do the challenge last minute so haven’t had chance to schedule any posts but I am going to be prepared! To be be fair, I was going to post this morning, however being the lovely aunt that I am I have looked after my poorly niece and nephew  whilst my sister was working. Now my house looks like an explosion in a toy factory, I’m still in my pyjamas and I’ve realised I’ve not eaten at 4.15pm. Don’t worry, the kids have I promise! 
Well, after the lamest intro ever I hope that you will stick around through November! It will get better I promise/hope! 

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