Lighting up the sky

Apparently my post didn’t show up yesterday, so here it is again (slightly amended!). 
We spent the weekend pretty much in the house this week, mainly due to the awful storm that hit South Wales on Saturday, but partly due to the fact that I have been away the last two weekends, what with our trip to Paris and my cousins wedding last week. I had lots of jobs to get on with in the house therefore explaining the lack of photos! 
Sunday however, I worked the afternoon and we debated going to our local fireworks display at the rugby club. I ha been awake all night feeling unwell and the weather was still wet and windy, so was kinda pleased when Megan said she thought that she’d rather watch Little Mix and Taylor Swift on The X Factor!
Typically though, by the time if finished work she had changed her mind, so we donned our waterproof coats, hats and wellies and headed to the rugby pitch.
I’m glad we did, as although it’s not Bonfire night until Tuesday (and I think I’ve been spoilt with Disney fireworks), it’s the only display that we will go to this year and I do love the sparkly fireworks that light up the sky and the smell that lingers around the air afterwards. That being said, we froze and I was relieved to get home, put on my pyjamas and tuck into a bowl of chilli and a cup of tea!!
How was your weekend? Did you brave the weather and make it to a firework display? 

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6 thoughts on “Lighting up the sky

  1. Lucy says:

    Well done for venturing out in the cold! I need to get some sparklers for tonight. Also chilli is a good idea, might grab some ingredients for that too 🙂


  2. Amy - Louise says:

    Oh I am so jealous right now! I don't think they could ever get old either, there could never be another display like it and where else do you get Tinkerbell flying down at the end!?! 😉 x


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