Time to destress

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This post is a bit late in the day, this is no cheesy excuse given that the #BEDN topic today is stress, I have genuinely been trying to destress this evening! As I suffer with fibromyalgia, where symptoms can be triggered by stress, it is very important that I remain as stress free as possible. 
I true to write this post a few days ago but have struggled as I didn’t want it to sound like some sympathy seeking post, everybody has stress to deal with in their lives but although there were other factors, I truly believe that the amount of stress I was dealing with (or not) was a major contributor to my diagnosis. I never thought that I would end up registered disabled due to it.  I suffered with an eating disorder, had a couple of disastrous relationships, a daughter with additional needs and then decided to go to university whilst dealing with all of the aforementioned.  I took on far too much, putting too much pressure on myself physically and emotionally.  
Although there are things that I can’t change in my life, I am getting better at reading my body and am slowly learning not to take on too much.  I find it hard to accept help, but now realise that there is no shame in asking for it and that everyone needs some at times.  It’s no exaggeration to say that a Mindfulness course changed my life.  One of the treatments for fibromyalgia is teaching you to manage stress and it has taught me techniques to cope with stressful situations, to live more in the moment rather than worry about things that may or may not happen, or that were out of my control and to deflect negative comments / influences that would have impacted my outlook previously.
Although these days I am constantly tired and in pain, I am actually eating well, not feeling guilty for saying ‘no’, appreciating the smaller details that would previously passed me by and making time to run that bath, light the yankee candle and enjoying that hours peace rather than feeling as though I am wasting time.  
How do you relax when things get too much?

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2 thoughts on “Time to destress

  1. Ashley says:

    I feel like relaxing is something our world just doesn't understand these days…but it's so important!! We're always so focused on going and doing and doing some more…but relaxing and taking time for yourself, and eating well is the very thing that keeps us energized!


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