Weekend roundup

I’ve had somewhat of a long weekend due to picking up a virus last week. Megan had a school inset day Friday, which was pretty much spent on the sofa making list for Christmas.  Saturday I felt a little better and guessed that after two days without leaving the house I should escape for a while! The morning was spent at the dance studio as Megan prepared for her presentation and competition on Sunday.  It was a long morning. I have tired of the bitchiness that seems to go hand in hand with Latin and ballroom dancing so hid in a corner with a hot chocolate unit most of the mums had left and Megan had switched from her social class to her private lesson.  We dropped Megan to her friends house afterwards and headed to ikea to escape, pick up ideas for my living room and eat meatballs. We got back in time to watch Wales thrash Argentina at rugby and spent the rest of the day / evening on the sofa (trying to block out Megan’s tantrums – I’m hating the pre-teen stage). 
Sunday morning was pure craziness! Megan woke up at some unearthly hour wanting to get ready for her competition, which incidentally wasn’t starting until 12.15! After hiding under the duvet (grown up I know) I gave in and made breakfast – gluten free porridge, banana and agave nectar in case you wondered! As I was working we dropped Megan to her friends where she finished getting ready and headed into town early. The rest of Sunday consisted of returning boots to next, meeting my aunt and uncle quickly, working, the first Black Forest hot chocolate from Costa of the year, and picking up my new iPad Air! I’ve been umm-ing and aah-ing for a while and am glad I waited, even though I had no idea that there was a new iPad out! It is so light and will make everything so much easier when I’m on the go and at meetings. Next on the agenda, finding the perfect case for it? 

I hope you had a fantastic weekend, do you have any blogging app recommendations for the iPad? I’m a newbie and all ears! 

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