Fashion Pinspiration

Do you ever get one of those days when no matter what you do, all you want is to stay in your pjs, or if you have to get dressed then pull on your comfiest pair of leggings, top and a slouchy cardigan or jumper? Please tell me you do?! Well, I’m not having one of those days, more like one of those months! I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money on clothes the last couple of months and still can’t be bothered to get dressed, doing my hair or make up when I don’t completely and utterly have to.
I’m sure it’ll pass, it’s probably just a combination of intense physio, having had a cold and the weather that is making me like it. So, today whilst I’m at home cuddling up with my poor girl (she had a nasty accident last night, cutting her face, knee and ending up with a black, swollen eye), I’m going to take a look through my Autumn Style Pinterest Board in the hope I get some inspiration and motivation back. I usually love to dress up and create outfits, but lately I’m just not feeling it. I’m sure the ladies from  What I Wore will help though as well! 

What do you do when you’re stuck in a fashion rut?

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