I love weekends, especially this one!

It’s Saturday, I’m getting a lie in, the most stressful week ever is over and here are a few of my favourite things!
This quote has literally got me through the week. It serves as a reminder that no matter how ever stressed and fragile I feel, I have faced some pretty tough things and have made it this far ๐Ÿ™‚ย 
Unexpected Thursday night dinner and a well needed glass of wine with a friend, her daughter and Megan was just what we needed. See my recap here.

My iPad Air has become indispensable! Especially on a Friday night when I’m home alone, fancy a hot bubble bath, a glass of red and some easy to watch tv. I’m not one for ‘reality’ television really but Made in Chelsea makes me laugh so much. Everyone’s allowed one guilty tv pleasure though right?
Megan had an accident Tuesday and hurt her face and knee, so she was home from school Wednesday. To cheer her up we made some cute heart jam tarts because what’s not cheery about home baked tarts, and we just love anything heart shaped!
Last but not least, our latest rescued blind bunnies have their new home in our garden. They are adorable and although I was happy enough with just the two we already had, we’d be lost without them already! Megan wants it call them Bunny and Fluffy though…..still working on that one!
I’m so excited to be going to see the Stereophonics tomorrow night with my sister and some girlfriends. ย My late teens/early twenties come straight back to me every time a song comes on and they are a local band which is going to make the gig in Cardiff huge!!! I can’t wait to hear Kelly’s amazing voice sing Dakota again. Aah that voice! I may or may not still have dreams about marrying that man! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Have a fantastic weekend.

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