Hi Five for Friday / some things I’m loving

I’m loving how festive things are becoming around here, which will probably seriously be reflected here!

This weeks installment of festive films have included, The HolidayNativity and Nativity 2.  We love Nativity and could watch it time and time again, but I don’t think Nativity 2 will have the same effect.  It was funny and Megan loved it but for me the first one will always be my favourite! Need I say more about The Holiday? I absolutely adore this film and loved sharing it with Megan for the first time, cuddled up in bed with tea and cake.
Home made mince pies, fruit soaked in brandy, still warm from the oven and sprinkled with icing sugar and cinnamon. I don’t think there’s anything better at Christmas!
Our Christmas tree – I’m a little obsessed I think. It’s the first real tree I’ve had since I lived with my parents and it’s just so pretty.
Caerphilly Castle at Christmas. Such a beautiful place and with Medieval markets and Santa,  it just can’t be missed.
Neutrogena anti aging hand cream has been a life saver this last week or so. All these festivities have resulted in being outside and awful lot, leaving my hands, dry, tight and sore.  This little miracle has not left my side and instantly soothes my hands.
What festive fun have you got planned this weekend? I’m heading late night shopping this evening, I’m sure with a soy peppermint hot chocolate popping up somewhere along the way! Then will be baking more mince pies and visiting friends.
Have a great weekend whatever you’re doing.

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2 thoughts on “Hi Five for Friday / some things I’m loving

  1. Amy - Louise says:

    More than happy to send some! My friend moves back to the States Wednesday so it'd be easier! Castles are amazing, we are so lucky. We have more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world 🙂 xx


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