And in a flash it’s gone…

This weekend was an attempt to finish of the Christmas shopping. The Coca-Cola truck was in Cardiff, which there was much excitement over and town seemed even more festive. Whilst I failed in finishing the shopping in its entirety, today I think I’m pretty much there! I’ve also managed to pick up my version of a Christmas jumper, with this Kelly Brook for New Look sparkly number (£27.99) which is so soft and cosy I had to try it out yesterday, even though I had planned on saving it to wear Christmas Day. I’m also loving these Nike blazers (£70, JD Sports), which I’m hoping will make an appearance under my Christmas tree.

We also managed to fit in a visit to pick up the final pieces for my dining room, I can’t wait to show you around once it’s all set up.  I did manage to smash almost my entire dinner plate collection yesterday morning (don’t ask, let’s just say I hadn’t had the shower or cup of tea that is required in the morning to wake me up!), so an emergency trip to Home Sense was required for a new set! After delivering some presents to relatives, the rest of the evening was spent cuddled up to this handsome little fella. Not a bad finish to the weekend. The weekend as usual was busy and went far too quickly, I can’t believe that in just over week Christmas will be here and the new year is just around the corner.

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