See our history like you’ve never seen it before – The Cardiff Story needs your help!!!!

I wouldn’t normally do this but I’m hoping that you can all help me. Some of you may know that I work at The Cardiff Story Museum in well, Cardiff. We have been short listed for the Connect 10 competition and I would be so grateful if you could vote for The Cardiff Story by following the link at the bottom of the page. We are a small team and rely heavily on external funding and donations.  As you can imagine, the prize of working with an acclaimed artist and help towards the cost of providing alternative tours of the building would mean so much to us.

Copyright The Cardiff Story / Culture 24

The Connect10 competition is a part of Culture 24’s Museums at Night festival.  The aim of this festival is to inspire after hours cultural events at museums, galleries and heritage sites which will take place every May.  Connect10 is a competition which allows museums, libraries and archives to win the chance to work with a contemporary artist, and use the experience to reach out to new audiences and create a lasting legacy.

The Cardiff Story Museum has been shortlisted for the prize  to work with Janette Parris alongside People’s History Museum, Manchester, Weston Park Museum, Sheffield and The New Art Gallery, Walsall. The winner of the prize will be selected via public vote. The public vote will open on Tuesday 14 January until Tuesday 28 January. Voting details can be found on Culture 24’s Museums at Night webpage

If successful the Cardiff Story Museum will be collaborating with the acclaimed contemporary artist Janette Parris whose work has been exhibited across the UK, and will receive a £2000 bursary to create ‘alternative’ tours delivered by a combination of actors, comedians, ventriloquists and puppets. 

You can vote for us by clicking here and enter to win tickets to the event in May. Voting is open until January 28th. Thank you so much and I’ll be eternally grateful if you vote for us!



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