Life 365

I’m linking up with Teaberry Trails to document the year in photos.
I’m loving having some highlights for the new year. My hair is very fine so I tend to keep the same style, but it’s nice to change up the colour a bit.
I took Megan to see her dance idols, Aliona Vilani and Brendan Cole, at the Wales Millennium Centre. She loved the whole evening, it was great for her to see them dance up close and not just on the television on Strictly Come Dancing.  She had a beaming smile all night especially when Brendan answered her question and tried it get her on stage.
I’ve spent much go the last fortnight in bed due to a flare up and kidney infection. After feeling sorry for myself and eating lots of comfort foods I’ve got back to eating clean and have added chillis to just about everything as they are a natural pain killer.
The remainder of the time has been spent looking for Labrador puppies and writing out meal plans.
This little furball has kept me company whilst I’ve been unwell. He’s loved all the cuddles in bed and hasn’t left my side. When I’ve ventured as far as the sofa he’s been straight down with me. 
How has your weekend been? Have you thought about linking up with life 365?
Linking up with Life 365 and Monday Morning Gossip

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