City rooftops and afternoon tea

Yesterday may have been gloomy and wet (not unlike most other days so far this year), but it was difficult to be gloomy when your practising using fire extinguishers on top of the museum roof, with views across Cardiff City centre like this. Due to the fog we weren’t able to see as far as usual, but we still looked over into Cardiff Castle and the Millennium Stadium. These iPhone snaps really don’t show how spectacular the views of the Cardiff rooftops actually are and you’ll have to believe me that in the summer it is absolutely breathtaking. I’m so privileged to work in such a beautiful building and to have access to these amazing views that most people will never see.  It’s a completely different world amongst the rooftops, Cardiff has some beautiful buildings that from street level you really cannot appreciate, it’s as though you have stepped back in time until the Millenium Stadium and it’s magnificent roof pops up in the skyline, reminding you that you are in fact in the 21st century. Walking onto the museum roof always reminds me of the scene in Mary Poppins, where the chimney sweeps are dancing on the rooftops of London. I so want to be Mary Poppins!
Just after lunch I popped to Barker Tea House in High Street Arcade, to indulge in some afternoon tea and cake.  If you’re local to Cardiff then no doubt you will know of Coffee Barker and what a gem it is in Castle Arcade. I’ve frequently posted about it on this little blog and the tea rooms, it’s new sister shop is even more splendid. I have found my little place of heaven! I’m not going to say too much as I’d like to do a post on it at a later date, but it was a lovely way to spend some time with my colleague Laura, who is leaving this Cardiff this week to start a new job with the National Trust (jealous, oh so jealous!). The one thing I love about Barker’s (both shops) is that there’s always a good selection of gluten free goodies, which means I can choose what I’m going to indulge in. This time I chose the carrot cake and it was oh so good! 
What film scene is your favourite? Do you have access to any usually hidden gems?

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