Some Michael Kors Friday love

Can we all just take a look at this watch for a minute – how amazing is it? I mean, Michael Kors, gold and pink, what’s not to love? When this photo showed up on my Facebook feed last night I had that “I need it” urge inside me. After hardly wearing a watch for years, recently I’ve become obsessed with the beauty that is Michael Kors.  I do have a silver and gold one however and I was wanting to get a rose gold watch next. I’m also facing some uncertainty job wise so decided to hold fire for a while until I remembered that I have a $250 gift card and could get it free!! I know that it would look beautiful on my wrist especially in summer but am going to be sensible about it I think. It’s new so will be around for a while and if I still want it enough in a few weeks I think it will be a justified buy!
Moving on, the half term school holiday has gone so quickly. I can’t believe that it’s Friday already. Luckily today is only the second day in work as I was able to take some time off with my daughter. It has been a fairly chilled week, we’ve baked, had friends over, had my nephew to stay and I took them both to the cinema to watch Mr. Peabody & Sherman. I loved that film! I loved that they’ve made a film about going back in history (as a historian I guess that was only natural), for once historical accuracy was not important and I think I enjoyed it more than the kids! It’s definitely one for the DVD collection. 
I have a bit of a manic day today, but will be heading to Somerset for the night later and am looking forward to opening a bottle of wine and hopefully a relaxing weekend before Megan goes back to school Monday. Can we also mention tomorrow being March 1st? It seems crazy to me but hopefully spring is on the way after this wet wet winter. Being Welsh also means tomorrow is St. David’s Day. Unfortunately I won’t be in Cardiff tomorrow for the St. David’s Day parade, but if you are I would recommend taking a look, I think it’s around 2.30 starting from Cardiff Castle but probably wise to check first!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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5 thoughts on “Some Michael Kors Friday love

  1. Amy - Louise says:

    Oh my word, thank you so much for that link, what a bargain and yes it's very Michael Kors! We don't have Target in the UK, but I have family and friends who visit regularly. I think I'll be making a Target order for them to bring to the UK for me! Thank you and have a lovely weekend 🙂


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