Weekend catchup

This post is a bit later in the day than I had planned but better late than never! Friday evening, I took the train to Somerset during which I was able to spend an hour listening to music, catching up on emails and watching the most beautiful sunset and I headed out of the city and into the countryside. 
It seemed like in no time I had arrived in Somerset (it always seems longer when Megan is with me!) and headed out for dinner at a country pub before catching up and getting an early night.
I woke up to beautiful weather on March 1st, perfect for celebrating St. David’s Day even if I was in England! I decided to make the most of the lovely weather and took two girls bouncing with energy for a walk down the country lanes to the park. Although the sun was warm, after an hour or so it got a bit chilly so we headed back to the house for some lunch. 
The visit was cut shorter than planned due to a few things popping up, so in the afternoon we headed for a cuppa at the tea rooms at the station and I headed back to Cardiff. When I arrived back, I was greeted by crowds of people dressed up. It was quite bizarre and I wondered what on earth was going in, I’d not even been gone for 24 hours and it was as though the station had been invaded! When I saw the direction they were coming from as I was leaving the station, I remembered that Comic Con was taking place at the Motorpoint Arena! It was so busy with this going on aswell as the St. David’s Day parade that was taking place. It was lovely to see so many Welsh Flags and daffodils around the city. It’s a shame but I was in a rush and didn’t stop to take any photos. I picked a poorly Megan up from my friends and spent the rest of the weekend looking after her. To be fair though the sunshine disappeared yesterday and the rain returned.
I’m grateful to be home this evening as it’s been a manic Monday and I’m very achey with a headache. I think I’ll be spending the rest of the evening in bed with a herbal tea, painting my nails!
I hope that you had a lovely weekend? Have you managed to get through Monday unscathed?

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