Sunny days = Pretty dresses

How much better and happier does it seem when the sun is shining and the birds are singing? I for one, found getting up this morning much easier with the sun peaking through the curtains. Megan woke in a much happier mood and although I would love it to continue, I am being realistic and just making the most of it whilst it lasts, as I know how unpredictable it is likely to be around these parts.
Technically it is my day off today, but as always there is so much to do and I headed into town this morning for a meeting.  It was nice however to be able to leave my heavier winter coat at home and instead put on my leather jacket that has rarely seen the light of day recently.  Although I stuck with these River Island boots and some thick tights it was nice to put on a silky dress from Yumi and feel hopeful that it won’t be long until I’ll no longer (fingers crossed) be living in jeans or trousers every day to keep me warm.

The cats have also been enjoying the sunny weather and sprawling themselves out in the warmth of the conservatory – oh to be a cat and lounge all day!

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