Back to my roots

I took today as a rest day. We had a very busy weekend, including a trip to Paignton Zoo in Devon and an unexpected Monday spent in Bristol Royal Infirmary. Today I was back in Cardiff with a day off work, which meant that after my workout this morning I enjoyed a soak in the bath and relaxing afternoon.
I’ve spent the last three months with my hair blonde and had been contemplating for the last couple of weeks whether to go back to my natural brunette. I’d decided to make an appointment to make the change but being my ever so impatient self decided to do it myself this afternoon and got dressed and walked to my local chemist to select a colour. 
I’m so glad I did, I’ve enjoyed being blonder but feel like me again now I’m darker! I’d had some very 
blonde highlights put in so the Natural light brown colour from Clairol that I used has made me brunette with some lovely lighter colours where the brighter blonde streaks were. As a bonus it only cost £5.99 instead of my usual £70 hairdresser costs! 
I love a change but it feels so good to be back to my natural colour. I’d struggled to get my make up right with my complexion and lighter colour and I think it suits me so much better. I shall be bookmarking this post when I get the itch  to mix it up again!
How about you? Do you stick with your natural look? Here’s hoping to a more settled week / month ahead. Happy April lovelies.

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