Sun Salutations

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At this precise moment I’m wishing that the weather would stop teasing us with the beautiful warm sun, then cruelly sending a rain shower to bring us back to reality that it is in fact only April. I’m hoping that with May just around the corner, the sun will warm up just a bit more so that I can practise Pilates or yoga out in the garden without the risk of getting a chill or a soaking. 
Although I’m dreaming of creating a corner in my garden for such purposes, mine isn’t actually that private so I’m more than likely going to use my parents, who have a beautifully enclosed and private garden, which also happens to be a sun trap.
It would seem that I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest ‘researching’ my perfect garden lately and these are my favourite three…
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I could see me losing hours in the sun practising and although I won’t be getting a space like any of these for a long while, I just need the sun to come out so I can pretend! 

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3 thoughts on “Sun Salutations

  1. Morning Neon says:

    Oh a nice garden sounds heavenly to practice some yoga, and those are gorgeous – beautifully decorated but still simplistic and peaceful.

    Also in regards to weather, I'm currently in Georgia so if you're anywhere near us I totally understand. We had like a good week of sunshine and then rain nonstop. I don't understand.

    Morning Neon
    “Let's move to Vegas.”


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