My moment with the Queen & my five fave posts //#BEDM

Hello lovely people, I hit publish on this post yesterday evening but obviously didn’t! It could be as I was on the train with not much signal or because I may or may not have had a cheeky couple of cosmos!

Anyway, I was very much looking forward to this Bank Holiday weekend. As much as I love my darling girl, she is away for two nights and we both are in need of a little break. The last few weeks have been tough as she has been unwell and her anxiety levels have been high. We only ever have a night away from each other but I’m looking forward to some fun this weekend in order to relax, have some me time knowing that she is being well looked after. I’m sure that I’ll be in a better frame of mind come Sunday and as it’s bank holiday I still get two days with her before the week starts again on Tuesday.

I hope you’ve all had a good week. Randomly on Wednesday I got held up by the Queen on my way to work! I kid you not, the Queen and I had a ‘moment’ as we looked at each other at the same time as she drove passed me on her visit to South Wales. I didn’t know what to do. Do you look away when the Queens eyes meet yours, or do you smile and nod your head as her Rolls Royce moves on? I opted to smile, even though her entourage (including six James Bond style bodyguards!) we’re going to make me slightly late for work. I decided however, that it surely counts as a royal pardon, right? I couldn’t seriously be in trouble when the Head of State on official engagements held up traffic! Anyway, that was my bizarre moment of the week and I think that the Queen (88) and the Duke of Edinburgh (in his 90s) are quite simply amazing for the amount of work they still do at their age. Can you believe they had five engagements in one day! That would wear me out.
So, I. Now rambling (we’ll blame the cocktails) and I’m missing the point of today’s #BEDM which is to show you my favourite five posts from my blog! So here goes….
The first post here is from November last year. During October I took Megan to stay with my friend Henri in Paris. Paris has to be one of my favourite places in the world and I try to get there as often as possible. I studied French history in university and I’m doing a comparative modern French / British history PhD. this post shows me conquering my fear of ‘La Grand Dame’ and the view of Montmatre from the top.

The second post here is from our trip to Vilamoura, Portugal in August last year. I didn’t like the touristy areas of Portugal but I loved Vilamoura. I also love this dress and was perfect for coping with the immense heat (even the locals said it shouldn’t be that hot!), and relaxing at the marina bars.

So, I think we’ve established that I love history! The museum that I work for always puts on an event for the annual Museums at Night. Last year we held a Big Band Night, which was so much fun. We all dressed up, had our hair done and danced the night away! You can view all the pictures here. This year our event will be on May 16th at The Cardiff Story Museum entitled ‘Bad Copy – Cardiff by Parris. It has been created by artist Janette Parris and is unlike anything we’ve ever held before. It’s free so if you’re in the area please come and join us! 
Summer 2012 was obviously a huge year for sport in the UK with the Olympics being held in London. We also held some of the events in Cardiff and it was a great atmosphere. I captured our summer in this post. It was one of the best summers with lots going on and I’m glad that I wrote a post to remember it all.
My final post that I am featuring is about Cardiff Bay, possibly my favourite part of the city. Here you will find my favourite building, the Pierhead which is the first sight of Cardiff the ships would have seen in the 1800s – 1900s after months of sea. It is beautiful in the sun so I snapped a few shots.
I hope you enjoy taking a look through. Some of the posts aren’t that good in quality picture wise as I’d only just started blogging and was posting on the go! Have a great weekend.

Linking up with #BEDM, Lauren Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “My moment with the Queen & my five fave posts //#BEDM

  1. thoughtsfromjessica says:

    Sounds like you have had a fun time on all those trips! I loved exploring your blog that I just found from The Lauren Elizabeth blog link up!!


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