Weekend Mornings //#BEDM

Before I start I should note that this isn’t my typical weekend morning! Usually a Saturday would consist of if not three, at least two children running around the place as I slowly try to wake up with a cup of tea in bed before sorting the girls out and then getting on with some cleaning. However, as I mentioned yesterday, there are no children in sight for two nights so this morning looks a bit different! I’m sat writing this up in the garden enjoying the sun, with the only sound being the birds singing and the horses occasionally neighing in the field next door. It’s bliss and my reward for waking up to this beautiful view this morning yet still sitting down to work!
So this morning it took me a long time to wake up. Probably due to the fact that the night before last after ordering a gluten free pizza, it turned out to be contaminated with gluten and has made me I’ll. I’ve got coeliac disease so this is not a lifestyle choice. I get seriously unwell if I eat contaminated food. I am so careful at home but I recognised the symptoms and luckily was able to get to the pharmacist before the sickness started to get some tablets to help limit the symptoms. They do make you drowsy though so I was pretty groggy waking up this morning on top of the fatigue that comes along with being poisoned! 
I stayed in bed for a while with a cup of tea until I was capable of walking downstairs to take a shower. Feeling a bit more with it, I did my hair and make up before taking the obligatory selfie of my new glasses! Is it just me or does everyone spend half an hour in the mirror with new specs figuring out if they suit you and which way styling your hair will be most flattering? I do hope I’m not the only one!

After contemplating just sitting in the garden and making the most of the peace, I decided that now I can actually see with a new prescription, I should really get down to some work. It was so hard with the sky so blue and the garden being warmer than the house, but the panic of a funding application that really needs to be completed lured me inside.
At 11.30 I’d done a fair bit so rewarded myself with a tea break (Minnie Mouse mug was essential!) and a chocolate brownie. It was too nice to stay in so I parked myself at the bottom of the garden to watch the horses in the neighbouring field. They are very friendly and normally very inquisitive but today I obviously wasn’t interesting enough for them (note lack of children with apples).
After completing another couple of hours work scouring the Victoria Cross honours list, I’ve now packed up and am enjoying the sun as Tim gets changed after work, before heading to the Mulberry and Orla Kiely shops which are just down the road. I’m falling in love with Somerset!
I’m looking forward to reading your weekend routines, I’m afraid mine was that mine wasn’t that interesting but although I was working it was quite relaxing.
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