You might as well be talking Dutch – Star Wars Day // #BEDM

Ummm…Star Wars Day?? Yes, I was kinda stumped when I saw this topic on the #BEDM list. For anyone who knows me a Star Wars conversation between my sister and friends is like a foreign language to me – I have no idea! All I know is that Ewan McGreggor was a Jedi (not sure what that is though) and that R2D2 is a robot and to be fair, I only know that much as my sister walked around Orlando wearing an R2D2 hat from Disney World! My friends, family and work colleagues all love sci-fi amd now there’s a new film on its way (don’t ask me what it’s called) I know I’m about to feel as though I’m living in some foreign land with no understanding of what’s being said! Many a conversation has started and I’ve had to end in by saying “I’m sorry but have no idea what you are talking about” – yes I am that girl ….
So with that in mind and many apologies for this short pathetic post, I’m off into the garden to make the most of the sun! I hope you’re all having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend though 🙂 

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