Top Tips for Planning a Hen Night to Remember // Guest Post

Top Tips for Planning a Hen Night to Remember
Your best friend is getting married and she’s asked you to be her maid of honour. One of the perks that comes with this role is seeing your friend off into married life with one hell of a party. But how do you organise the perfect hen night? Take a look at these tips:
A badly organised hen can result in lots of moody chicks and a stressed out bride to be. Keep the fun factor by making sure everyone knows the logistics in advance. Maybe even consider hiring a party planner if you want everything done for you.
This is always a deal breaker, with some hens preferring something a little more low key thanks to budget restrictions and others expecting a weekend away somewhere hot and lively. Get a feel for what the ladies on the invite list can afford, as there’s no point booking a weekend away in Spain when their budgets only stretch to a bar crawl and a meal. Whatever you plan, make sure everyone knows exactly how much it will cost and if they have to cover anything on top of any price you give them, avoiding arguments in the long run.
If you need to pay for any activities or trips in advance, make sure everyone knows when and how to pay. Perhaps consider setting up a bank or paypal account so everyone can pay in instalments in advance of the hen do so you can easily keep tabs on who’s paid what.
Break the Ice
Not everyone will know everyone else on the guest list, so breaking the ice with activities or even a common theme involving fancy dress costumes (you can get some great value fancy dress costumes from George at ASDA) will help to bond the group and place less pressure on you all to make small talk. Make sure you take everyone into consideration though in terms of planning activities. For example, if you have four pregnant hens out of a group of eight, you won’t have much fun doing anything particularly energetic and they may well get bored waiting on the sidelines.
Make the Bride Feel Special
The hen do is all about the bride after all. What kind of a hen party would she like? There’s no point organising a raucous night out if that’s her idea of hell. You know her inside out, so organise something that suits her down to the ground.
During the hen the bride to be shouldn’t feel pressured to organise anything or sort out any problems, so ensure you’re there to take care of anything like that. Also keep her glass charged at all times.
Other great tips include meeting for brunch the following day to chat about the evening’s events – you’re sure to have many a tale to recount! Also, make sure you document everything by taking lots of photos to look back on with your friend in years to come. Just make sure they’re suitably edited before sharing them on Facebook or Instagram or you might have an unhappy hen on your hands!

** Please note that I have been compensated for publishing this guest post **


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