I can’t live without…..

(Diary – gifted / Small notebook – Ryman)

Call me old fashioned, but although I always keep my iPad with me and I love all it’s note taking, calender, business and photo editing apps, I can’t help but prefer my diary and some pretty / awesome notebooks. To me, if it’s not tangible, it’s not really there and I love to write down my notes and cross things off in my diary rather than erase them off Evernote. I’ve had my iPad since last November and I admit that I couldn’t do without it now, but there’s something very satisfying about putting a pen through a list or closing a book and putting it away after the end of a busy day.
(The Works)
Today I was on the hunt for a hardback notebook for my school project. I love Paperchase, but my budget dictated a less expensive option and I found this beautiful A4 book in The Works, reduced from £12.99 to £2.99 – I was sold and now it is sitting on the table waiting to be written in.
Sorry about the low quality iPhone pics, but I’d forgotten to charge my camera (must write a reminder), also the short post – it was one of those mornings and then I headed out to lunch with some friends. So, how about you? What is your favourite way to stay organised?

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