My walk to work // #BEDM

Apart from two mornings a week when I work at the museum, my walk to work consists of walking down the stairs to the kitchen and then to the next room to switch on the laptop or my iPad to work on some articles or project planning. However, although not technically a walk (as I take the bus into Cardiff), my commute to the museum is far more beautiful and interesting! 
I am incredibly lucky to live in a place where we have so  many lovely views and castles to look at.  The one below is called Castell Coch which in English means ‘Red Castle’ and it can be seen on the hillside along the A470 into Cardiff.  It is a Victorian Gothic castle, built on the site of a 13th Century castle for the 3rd Marquess of Bute, as a rural retreat when he got bored of his main residence, Cardiff Castle (coming below!).  As children, my sister and I were told that it is where the tooth fairies lived as it is on a hill looking across Cardiff and its neigbouring towns.  To read more and for stunning pictures of the castle look here.
My bus gets in to probably my favourite part of Cardiff, the civic centre where I pass the City Hall.  I absolutely love this building.  My Great, Great Grandfather built the clock tower of the building, which is one of the most iconic landmarks in Cardiff.  My sister also got married here and part of my university graduation memories are also from here.  I love walking through this beautiful city every morning.
Just across the road is Cardiff Castle.  I love that we have a castle that has been here since the Romans came to Cardiff 2000 years ago and that it is in the city centre.  The Roman fort was the first of four forts that were here and evidence of each stage of the castle’s evolvement can be seen within the walls (see here for more details).
On a Monday morning there is an obligatory visit to Starbucks to pick up a grande soya peppermint hot chocolate. Monday mornings are usually particularly stressful as Megan has a lot of anxiety returning to school after the weekend and will try anything not to go.  I usually feel as though I’ve done a full days week before I reach work, so this is a treat to myself for getting this far! 
St. John’s City Parish Church is next to where I work.  Apart from Cardiff Castle, it is the oldest remaining medieval building in the city and it dates from the 12th century.  It is a beautiful church and I love hearing the bells ring out whilst I’m working or when leaving work in the evening. A wedding at the church creates quite a scene, with shoppers and tourists stopping to watch and clogging up the streets around. At Christmas time, the Christmas markets are around both the church and our building and the atmosphere is particularly festive.  You may also recognise it if you are a Doctor Who or Torchwood fan.
…and this is work – a beautiful Victorian Grade II listed building which was the first free library in Cardiff..
…and the view of the church from the office window isn’t too shabby either!  
If you’re very lucky, you may also catch a glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch filming, or the cast of Dr Who, Casualty and many more 🙂  One of the many perks of having the BBC Production Studios here in Cardiff.  Did I mention how much I love this city???
Not the best IPhone pic but it’s the Batch people! 🙂

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19 thoughts on “My walk to work // #BEDM

  1. says:

    I worked in Nuremberg in Germany for a while and used to ride a bicycle into work. Past the castle, through the battlements, past the old churches into the town square. Very beautiful, especially with a dusting of snow on in winter. Here in Australia, if a building is 50 it is considered 'old'…


  2. Me says:

    I would love to work/live somewhere with so many wonderful old buildings. That was one thing that I really loved about Spain – the architecture and the buildings – I could walk around for hours and hours – just looking at (and photographing) old buildings !
    What a wonderful place to work.
    Have the best day !


  3. Deb @ home life simplified says:

    Beautiful. My Cardiff friend actually got my husband and me together (almost 20 yrs) when we all lived in Israel. Hubby and I planned our wedding while staying at a b & b in Wales for 3 nights and we have returned to visit all our friends a handful of times. One of the few cities


  4. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me says:

    Wow what a truly inspirational landscape – so nice to leave the house to work! I write from home and so rarely leave it! But you've encouraged me to maybe get out today and go and spend some time away from my four walls! Great perks of being near the studio too! Emily – also visiting as part of #teamIBOT


  5. Amy - Louise says:

    I am incredibly lucky! I guess when you've lived in a place for so long you can take it for granted. It's nice to take time every now and then to appreciate what's around us. Hope you had a good week 🙂


  6. Amy - Louise says:

    It's a wonderful place to be a historian 🙂 I still find it incredible, that a century ago, my great grandfather built some of these beautiful buildings. My great great grandfather also built my house!


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