Sunny weekends & friends

Hello Monday! How much better you seem with the sun shining – everyone seems much more cheerful and it is a little easier to get out of bed. Apart from hay fever making am early appearance I’m feeling good and have lots to achieve this week so that I can enjoy the bank holiday weekend that’s approaching. 
I’m going to sound so cliche but this weekend certainly flew by. I didn’t mean to be absent from here towards the end of last week but things got crazy busy and I’ve not had time to document it. Being a bad blogger, I’ve also not taken many photos due to being busy and enjoying the days so I’ll just have to try and explain to the best of my ability!
So, Thursday I managed something I’ve not done in nearly four year – I sat in a car and drove for two hours! No big deal really but it had become one in my head. I was involved in a car accident which resulted in fracturing two vertebrae in my neck. It was the most scary and painful experience I’ve had and I’ve been too scared to drive since. I’d worked myself up into a big panic, but the time has come where I needed to face it head on to make my life so much easier and to my amazement it wasn’t that bad an experience! In fact, I’m going to do it again this week. I’m trying not to put myself under too much pressure but I think I may keep it up and am looking for a new car 🙂

Friday night was spent at the museum for our annual Museums at Night event (which was shown on BBC 2 on Saturday evening), followed by some drinks down the Bay, for a fried who is leaving Cardiff to return to Canada and marry his sweetheart. Today is a big day for them and I’m sending them lots of love and positive thoughts for the big changes ahead of them. 

Saturday, I was suffering for the exertion on Friday so I started the day with some gentle exercise to loosen up and some cuddles with the cats. Daughter and I then met my friend and we took the girls on a walk through the local countryside and stopped at a pub for a snack and a couple of drinks in the sun before walking back. It was nice to have a girly afternoon and enjoy the beautiful weather, it’s so lovely to feel the sun on my face and finally get a little colour on my milky skin. Sunday we made the most of the sun again and headed into Cardiff to the park and the ice cream parlour. Seriously the best ice cream ever! I had the cherry and amaretto flavour and if you’re in the Victoria Park area, I’d definitely recommend a visit to Fablas Ice Cream in Canton!
I hope you enjoyed the sunny weekend, what did you get up to? I’ll be back on track with this little space this week 🙂 
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