Bedtime talk // home decor

So, I have completely fallen in love with upholstered beds and headboards! As I’ve mentioned lately I’m having a mini refurb at the moment, mini as in I’m currently renting and don’t want to spend money on something that’s not permanent. I’m now on to my bedroom and have been thinking of changing my bed for a while. This is one area where I definitely want to make an impact, having fibromyalgia means that I will often have to spend a great deal of time in bed if a longer flare up arises.  Therefore, I want a room that is beautiful to look at, and a bed that is going to last and make a statement. After looking around for inspiration, I am completely sold on buying an upholstered bed! I love the look of them (especially the classic chesterfield design) and the fact that they certainly become the main focus of a room, especially in a rented home where there are restrictions on decoration.
Upholstered beds can bring a great sense of elegance to a room and add a touch of luxury which is something that is very appealing to me! Although they come in many designs, such as the more minimalist and modern above, I’m thinking of going all out, such as in this room below. I love feeling like a princess and want to feel every inch of one when I enter my bedroom, whether for a good nights sleep (something I struggle with) or to get ready for a night out. I’m personally looking to pair a king size luxurious bed with some French inspired furniture – most importantly a vintage dressing table and can quite easily imagine that it will become my favourite room, which I will not want to leave! 
Since discovering my plans for my bedroom, my darling daughter has decided that she would like an upholstered bed for her room aswell. Considering that I’ve not long bought her a new bed, I think we may go for the headboard option but again there are lots of single upholstered bed options. I love the clean lined, sophisticated look of the room below, which be perfect for my almost 12 year old.
This girly, yet easily age adaptable bed could easily be used for years to come and is certainly fit for a princess or little diva!
Considering how elegant and luxurious they look and the difference they can make to a bedroom, I was surprised how reasonable the cost of an upholstered bed, or the same effect of a headboard can be. I would certainly consider one an investment as an elegant and classy look can be maintained for years to come, in my opinion, without dating. 
Have you purchased a new bed lately, if so what look did you go for? I’m always interested in other people’s home decor! 

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4 thoughts on “Bedtime talk // home decor

  1. EssentiallyJess says:

    We haven't got a new bed since we were married, and at the moment I'm ok with that cause I like ours. Maybe in the future we will upgrade. Before then though, we will need a new mattress!


  2. Sophie Allen says:

    They look really luxurious. Though I think you cant really see the dust like you can with a hard surface, I guess you would just vacuum it? Certainly would be no kids banging head on the bedhead when they are messing around wrestling! #teamIBOT


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