Random happenings

Wow, this week has gone so quickly! What with the Bank Holiday weekend and the school half term holiday, I’ve been so busy that I’ve not had time to stop and write. This is a completely random post of happenings this week, again dominated by the cuteness that are these baby bunnies – see their story so far here. I’ve totally become one of those annoying pet owners who posts pictures everyday, but they are so adorable and it’s been amazing to watch them grow from day one.
In other matters, we spent a lovely morning at the Amelia Trust Farm this Bank Holiday Monday. Entry to this working farm is free (although a donation is appreciated) and relies mainly on volunteers. The farm supports young people who are disadvantaged or vulnerable and who struggle with social development or the traditional school path. It is a lovely calming place to be and spread over 160 acres, offering a park, BBQ facilities, walks, pottery and a chance to learn about the animals. Megan goes to a pottery class there every Saturday (extra charge) and looks forward to it every week.
I also found this photo on my phone from two weeks ago when I was in Cardiff Bay for a night out. I may have had a couple of cocktails, hence not fitting in the whole ship however, it was HMS Dragon on a five day day visit to Cardiff, it’s adoptive home.  The Type 45 Destroyer is one of the most advanced warships in the world and received the Freedom of City of Cardiff, aswell as holding a number of events for dignitaries, school children and the public. One of which was the launch of the NATO World Summit which will be held in Wales this September, bringing the largest number of World leaders that the UK has seen.
To view official pictures of HMS Dragon (which include the whole ship!) and information on the summit click here.
I’ve also been looking after my niece and nephews a fair bit this week, which has been fun and tiring and trying to fit in two short yoga sessions per day despite feeling unwell with a cold. We may also be fitting in a 24hr round road trip to Ireland tonight to pick up a car but still undecided at the moment! Never a dull moment here! 

I’ll be back with more structure next week once the kiddies are back in school! Hope that you’ve had a great week and enjoy the weekend. 

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