Hello June, Goodbye Sun!

The first day of June was beautiful – the sun was shining, so I got up, worked out and had a lovely brunch (gluten free porridge, made with coconut milk, banana, cinnamon and chia if you were wondering!), washed down with raspberry and cranberry tea. Sat out in the sun, arranged some of the beautiful flowers that I’d been given and was able to dry a few loads of washing outside on the line. Nothing truly exciting but being able to do some of the little things in the sunshine, with the doors wide open and a cool breeze drifting throughout the house, brought the promise of sun filled days that summer would bring. 
Roll on 24 hours, it’s raining, the heating is back on and I’m writing this snuggled up on the sofa with a throw around my feet! Oh the joys of the UK weather! I hope you had a lovely weekend and maybe the lovely weather will be back soon. 

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