No Spend May // Beauty

It’s safe to say that I wouldn’t cut it as a full time beauty blogger! However, (excusing the iPhone pics), I wanted to show you what I managed to get without spending any money this month. You may recall back in January I decided to challenge myself not to buy anything for myself that was non-essential. It’s fair to say that it didn’t go well and I pretty much gave up straight away.  At the beginning of May though, I decided to try again and I’m very pleased to say that I’ve managed it! Yes, shock horror, I’m still in disbelief myself! 
I desperately needed a new blusher though and didn’t want to spoil my record of making it half way through the month. Therefore, I passed by my usual No.7/ Benefit options and decided to make use of what few Boots points that I had left on my Advantage Card. It turned out not to be as many as I thought, so I scoured the cheaper options. I was pleased (and dare I say a bit excited) to find that Natural Collection products were ‘3 for £5’ and that there were some really nice colours. I chose a blusher in Pink Blush and two Moisture Shine lipsticks in Berry Sorbet and Fig Leaf.
The quality of the packaging for that price isn’t exactly great and the products don’t feel as luxurious as some of the other brands I’m used to using but to be fair for the price, I’m quite pleased with the colours. I’m not sure I’d buy the lipsticks again as I’m scared that I’m going to break the whenever I take the lid off and the colour doesn’t last that long, but despite the blusher being loose in it’s case and needing a lot of blending it’s a pretty nice shade. It certainly beat going a month without one though, especially as I had an event that night and it meant that I could use my points and not spend any money all month. Yes, I’m (not so) quietly proud of myself! 
Have you ever put yourself on a no spending challenge? What are the best budget products that you’ve come across? 

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