The Village Fete

This Friday and Saturday was again spent in Somerset. Saturday morning we visited Litton, a quaint little English countryside village set around a 13th century church. It was there annual village fete and was quite a surreal experience for the city girl in me! There were children folk dancing, snail races, tea and coffee served in tea cups and saucers in the village hall and my favourite of all crockery smashing! Old men were dressed in their Sunday best wearing hats and the beautiful houses with their country gardens brimming with roses a delight. If I’d known we were visiting and how lovely it was going to be I would have taken my camera but I was armed only with my iPhone, which has now seen better days! You will have to believe me when I say for an hour or two it was as though I’d stepped back in time. The rain even kept away for a few hours!
I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.

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12 thoughts on “The Village Fete

  1. Alison Schneider says:

    Hi, I am looking for old photos of Litton for our pub, which is hopefully reopening very soon..I found these pictures of our village fete.. it was great to see your pics. So glad you came along and enjoyed yourself! It will be happening on the second Saturday in June this year 2017, maybe see you then!,,,,


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