Afternoon Recovery

Today I’ve spent all afternoon in bed, I wish I could say that it was a lazy afternoon that I’ve enjoyed, but unfortunately it has been enforced. I spent four hours in the morning driving and on top of the rushing around and training I’ve been doing lately, my body has just given up. I’m propped up with pillows, with hot water bottles and heat packs rotating around the most painful areas of my body. There’s a mountain of paperwork to get through if I’m going to get my project application in by the end of next week, yet today I realise that there’s really no point in putting pen to paper – it’s taken me twenty minutes to put this together so far! If I can walk tomorrow morning, (which at the moment I can’t), then I’m working at the museum for a few hours so can catch up with my proposals after that. But for now, it’s all about rest. As frustrating as it is, I’ve now learnt that when a flare up arises I just have to ride it out. So, with copious amounts of green tea, painkillers and a search for an easy to watch box set, I’m set for the night!

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