This weekend I was fairly busy. I met my friend in Cardiff Friday afternoon as he’s over from America for ten days. We caught up at Starbucks, then spent a leisurely evening down the bay eating at Las Iguanas with a couple of drinks. I looked after my niece and nephew (aged 3 & 5) after braving Tesco on a busy Saturday morning, who then woke up at 5.45 on Sunday morning. We spent Father’s Day morning sat with my parents, enjoying the sun in their garden, then went home and decided to have a big sort out. 
Despite all the business, I seemed to spend the whole time in some sort of daze and I couldn’t seem to shake it off. I’m not unhappy, but rather found myself reflecting upon anniversaries that sneak up, where I’m currently at and where I see myself heading. I’m sure it can’t only be me that lies there on a warm summers day, looking up at the blue sky watching the clouds pass by and wondering where on earth do we fit in to the grand scheme of things? 
So where did all this reflecting get me this weekend? Did I resolve any questions that I was pondering? 
I can’t say I did to be honest! However, my skirting has had a good clean. I got through a load of washing and through out a bin load and two bags of recycling of accumulated junk that I’d be meaning to sort out for months! I guess there was some productivity after all and I had a good dose of vitamin d even if my head still feels as though it is living on a different planet!
I hope you all had a good weekend.

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