Prosecco, sun and cake

What a weekend for sport in the UK! The drama of the Silverstone F1, Wimbledon Finals and Tour de France all taking place and the unpredictable weather as expected. Thankfully in this part of the country the weather turned out much better than expected and we were able to celebrate in the sun. The mens Wimbledon final didn’t go the way I wanted (I’m a big Roger Federer fan), but thankfully Lewis Hamilton got the F1 win on home spoil (thank goodness, the drama was too much for my stress levels this weekend!). Amongst it all, we also celebrated my parents 34th wedding anniversary and my Mum’s birthday. I love that my parents got married the day before my Mum’s 21st birthday and it was also on Wimbledon final weekend, the sun this weekend made it all a perfect reminder for them. A chilled bottle of prosecco, a large wedge of cake and the conservatory doors wide open made it a lovely celebration with my sister and her family over aswell.
The summer is a busy period for birthdays in our family, with another three next week and the schools breaking up for the summer holidays so it will be all go around here for a while. I’m also on countdown to the end of the week when my cousin will be in Cardiff to present the British Speedway GP at the Millennium Stadium for Eurosport. It’s the biggest speedway event in the world and always a highlight in our year. In the meantime however, I need to get to work, preparing some goals for the week ahead. I’m trying to make this a positive week so that we can all enjoy the following week when Friday comes around.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend, did you do much?Ā 
Happy Monday lovelies šŸ™‚

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