Sunshine walks // Healthy Habits

It’s a beautiful day and the children are off school today as most teachers are taking part in the national strike, so we’ll probably make the most of it and go for a walk and have a picnic somewhere. Megan loves to go for walks, particularly in the summer so we try and go every evening unless my fibromyalgia is so bad that it prevents it. She’s used to walking a lot, mainly because I was too scared to drive for a long time after a car accident. 
I think it’s good though that from an early age she has understood why exercise is so important and she is always on the go! She always wants to work out with me at home and is always dancing around the house. I wish I had some of her energy!
One of our favourite walks (when we are at home in Wales) is along a public footpath that has been made along side a bypass that was built a couple of years ago (when we’re in Somerset we are spoilt for country walks). The views are lovely and there are various different walks you can do. We usually stop off at a local pub which is half way for a drink, a rest (for the adults) and so the kids can play at the park. 
On the way back we usually walk through the small farm lanes, stop and fuss the horses before walking up the hill to our house. It’s a bit of a killer after a long walk but it certainly makes us feel as though we’ve had a good workout! Best of all, we get our all important quota of cardio and fresh air, tone up and all whilst spending quality time together. 
How do you vary your exercise through the week? Also, I’m going to be at a loss tonight as the second series of Nashville ended last week here in the UK, is there another series you could recommend I start watching? Also it’s almost the weekend and it’s one of the biggest in our calendar every year. Tomorrow my cousin arrives in town to present the British Speedway GP coverage for Eurosport. I can’t wait to see her and for the after event party! 

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