Daily diaries

The story of my week……
Monday – this little guy is really liking me working from home now! So much so that he has to be near me at all times! I was at the table (still looking for the right oak desk) all day working on lesson plans for a project I’m working on and information packs for potential collaborators. Before I knew it the day had gone and Megan was home from school. Unfortunately it wasn’t a good end to the day as she dropped my iPad and cracked the screen.
Tuesday – much of the same really, I had a catch up meeting with my research assistant where we discussed where we were at and what direction our research was going to take next. Oh and I continued to get excited about my new car, a Mini Cooper that Tim had collected for me on the weekend 🙂
Wednesday – I attended Megan’s school achievement awards in the morning. I was so proud to see her get a school community award for her involvement in the Eco – club which won the school an award from the council. She has really struggled starting high school this year, her ASD struggles have made it so hard for her and us. A few months back she hated school and struggled to make friends, so to see her get this award for becoming involved in the school community and making friends.
I headed straight to the museum for the rest of the day and we were slightly scared by the Punch and Judy puppets that were delivered for our children’s sessions. A colleague decided hanging them on the inside of the office door would be the perfect entertainment for the afternoon, making people jump as they walked in. Very mature I know!
Thursday – most of the schools were on strike today as many teachers, support staff and council staff were on strike. We made the most of the sunshine and went for a walk with my sister, niece and nephews then came home for a picnic in the garden.
Friday – this morning I’m working at the museum. It’s our monthly toddler day and I’m hoping we don’t have too many screaming kids freaked out by the Punch and Judy puppets! Regardless, I’m looking forward to 1pm and the start if the weekend as it’s one of the highlights of our year. The Speedway World Championships hit Cardiff from today, it’s the biggest speedway event in the world and also means that my beautiful cousin Sophie is in town! As soon as I finish work this afternoon I’ll be heading straight to the Millennium Stadium where she will be presenting the live draw for Eurosport. I can’t wait to see her and for the weekend ahead. We’ll be at the stadium Saturday for the racing with my family (which will start at 5pm, live on Eurosport) and then head into town for a few drinks with my cousin and her husband have finished filming.
How has your weekend been? Have you got much planned for the weekend? Let’s hope the sun hangs around for the duration! See you back here Monday 🙂
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