Creative moments

Hello lovelies – I’m back from my little break and catching up on everyone’s posts. I’m glad that I decided to have a week off as although I’ve missed this little space I needed to get my head in gear. As you can read here, a very good friends sister passed away in France last week, which hit me incredibly hard and I needed to sort things out in my head. It still doesn’t make sense and it’s made me re-evaluate what I’m doing but I’m glad to be back.
I got the inspiration to write a post last Wednesday so went with it, only to realise that my daughter hadn’t charged my iPad and it died before I had saved the main bulk. It was then I decided to leave here for a week, I need to run with my creativity when it arrives and I’ve felt lately that I’ve been forcing it at times, which has lead to frustration and some not so good work. So now, I have taken next week off from the museum to spend time with Megan on her school holidays and to take some pressure off. I have work to do at home but when an idea comes to me I’ll be at home to roll with it, even if it hits me (as quite often it does) when I’m lying in bed at night, I won’t need to worry about getting up with the alarm the next day. How do you work? Can you switch on your creativity or do you have to roll with it when it arrives?



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