Goodbye Bank Holiday – Life Lately

So yesterday was the last British Bank Holiday of 2014 and characteristically it poured down with rain. To be fair it summed up the weekend perfectly as I’ve spent most of it in bed with a flare up (I’m attributing part of the cause the weather), but it also seemed like the end of summer. It has got pretty chilly in these parts over the last week or so and although we’ve had a pretty good summer weather wise, it’s been hot and sunny for a fair amount of time but I’m really not ready for it to end. Ok, it’s the cliche that it’s gone too quickly but I really don’t know where the summer holidays have gone with only one week left until Megan returns to school.
Now bank holiday has gone, the next week will be spent preparing for the new school term. Today the dreaded school uniform and shoe shopping where Megan will get frustrated that nothing feels right (she is touch sensitive) and there’ll be no shoes that she likes.
It has also dawned on me that I haven’t shared much about our summer here so here’s a few things about life lately.
My iPad has been overtaken with Megan’s selfies – I’ve deleted over 100 still 245 to go. Future blogger or what? Her latest obsession is also YouTube. She wants her own channel but I’m a little unsure at 12?

We visited the coast last week before the weather turned. I just love West Wales and being by the sea.

We are trying to house train this little monster! The last of our baby bunnies is coming to live indoors and he’s a bit of a handful and is getting a bit spoilt. He has been keeping me company whilst I’ve been bed ridden though.

We’ve been enjoying some yummy breakfasts – a fave when my nephew comes to stay is pancakes, Nutella and strawberries. With only a week left before the normal routine returns I think we’ll be getting a few more of these in.

So, before it’s time to face the world (in all it’s wet Welsh glory) I’m going to lie in bed with a cup of tea and make a list of everything to get done this week. How did you spend the bank holiday? Is summer already leaving where you are?

Goodbye Bank Holidays – see you next year!

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye Bank Holiday – Life Lately

  1. Janet Camilleri says:

    We have one more public (bank) holiday in October but as I have my own business, working from home, I don't really tend to notice! And some trivia for you – it is illegal to keep bunnies as pets in Queensland where I live. Can you really house train them???! Do they have a litter tray like a cat?

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx


  2. EssentiallyJess says:

    Whilst you're waving summer goodbye, we are welcoming some beautiful warm weather! It's been so lovely, and I've even pulled out the shorts and t-shirts!!!
    I do hope you're feeling better soon, and you get a few more warmer days in. I can't even imagine a Welsh Winter!


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