September Sunshine

I love that the sun has reappeared this week, it’s been a perfect weekend with just the right balance of being busy and relaxing. My grandfather celebrated his 85th birthday Saturday and received the perfect present, being offered a sheltered accommodation flat which is going to give him a whole new lease of life. 
Sunday was spent relaxing, cooking dinner and spending the afternoon at Cardiff Bay. For those who don’t know, Newport hosted the NATO World Summit this last week with some events in Cardiff. We have spent a surreal week or so with the capital being guarded by armed police, military, tanks and warships from all over the world docked at the Bay. There’s been an unprecedented ‘no-fly zone’ over the city apart from British and American military aircrafts circling the skies. After hosting the American President and other world leaders at the castle Thursday night, the focus shifted to a family fun day at the bay on Sunday. We didn’t make it on to the newest British Destroyer, HMS Duncan or the French Naval Ship, La Motte Picquard, as just after arriving the queues were closed. I think the event was more popular than anticipated, in part due to the weather, and we were told that some people had queued for three hours to look around the ships.
We still enjoyed a lovely couple of hours looking around, being soaked by police search boats and Megan climbed over British army tanks and enjoyed being lifted up by a soldier. It would seem even at 12, Megan likes a man in uniform! The City Beach is still at Roath Basin, so we wandered around, enjoyed a Starbucks in the sun and soaked up the atmosphere. I hope that this weather is here to stay a bit longer, for me, there’s nothing like a sunny afternoon down the bay and I’m not ready for it to end.
I hope you had a great weekend, did you make the most of the sun?
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