Birthday Treats….


Wow – what a weekend! It was my birthday Saturday and it was both lovely and hectic at the same time. I’ve been so busy that I’ve not had chance to take some photos or edit others but I promise a catch up is on the cards!
For now, here’s some of my birthday treats from the weekend…..
A trip to Starbucks – I had to leave the house while Megan finished off organising my surprise party! My first Pumpkin Spice of autumn (although in a soya hot chocolate form instead of latte) and a gluten free chocolate brownie.
The Chocolate Alchemist chocolate heart – so cute and very tasty!
Some of the fairy cakes Megan made me, showcased on my wax splodged table – we took too long to get to the table for everyone to sing Happy Birthday (much to Megan’s dismay) and the candles burnt down to the point of disappearing!
I may have consumed another block of Lindt chocolate and a box of Milk Tray before I could even iPhone them but there is no evidence to prove it!
So now after a busy Monday and feeling extremely piggy for eating so much chocolate I may get around to editing some more posts!
How was your weekend? What treats have you enjoyed?
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