Desk Essentials & My New Venture


I was recently lucky enough to win a New Business Bursary from Chwarae Teg. It means ‘fair play’ in Welsh and is an organisation that aims to deliver a vision for “a Wales where women achieve and prosper”. As part of the bursary I have been given office space within their Cardiff office for six months and access to HR, social media and finance support to get my business off to a flying start! I am sharing an office with a lady called Sarah, who is setting up a career development business for women and it turns out that we went to the same high school and lived a village apart growing up. Such a small world!
(For anyone who would like to take a look my new business is called Cherished Heritage and you can follow us on Facebook here , Twitter here and Instagram here. We provide heritage education workshops and projects to community and school groups to help them engage in history in a funand hands on way and re-engage them in education. Our first project kicked off last week and focuses on the First World War as experienced in a South Wales mining village. I would love it if you would follow our progress! Also a big thank you to Ella of She & Life for designing our logo!)
Some days I have the office space to myself and if I am putting work packs together the space is covered in historic newspapers, primary sources etc, but as it isn’t my permanent desk and I share the office, I am keeping the space uncluttered. I try to keep just my laptop and notebooks on the desk, but two essentials are always present wherever I go. Firstly, my cat mug for endless supplies of tea – in the morning Twining’s Breakfast Tea and then fruit tea to keep me hydrated.  I struggle drinking plain water and find fruit or green tea much easier to drink, plus it still tastes good cold as I never seem to get around to it when it’s hot! It is so important to drink enough water and I definitely notice if I haven’t as I lose concentration, get terrible headaches and feel so so tired.
Secondly, hand cream. At the moment I am loving this Laura Mercier Vanilla Body Souffle which I received in one of the packages a couple of months back from Birchbox. My skin becomes very dry, especially my hands and I am paranoid about them looking old so I keep this on my desk to them feeling soft and not irritated. The smell is also gorgeous and it is so easy to keep applying it for that alone, if only it wasn’t so expensive!
Have you set up your own business or thinking about doing so? What are your daily essentials? Do you have any hand cream recommendations?


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