Marilyn Moments!

Last Friday night I pretty much packed up my summer wardrobe and brought out my autumn / winter clothes (sob!),  keeping out just a few dresses out that will last through the transitional period. Girly dresses, tights and a cosy cardigan are my ‘go to’ for comfortable yet cute outfits during the week. With the sudden weather change in the UK this week, I’m finding them the perfect combination, cosy enough to keep me warm during the chilly mornings, yet easy to peel off a layer when the sun breaks through for an hour or two giving a respite from the wind and rain. How much longer I’ll be able to keep up the lighter fabric dresses though I’m unsure, the wind around these parts at times has already created a few near miss Marilyn moments!
Have you packed away your summer clothes? Also does anyone else’s arm candy consist of hair bobbles? I’ve always got at least two!!
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4 thoughts on “Marilyn Moments!

  1. Victoria Mason says:

    LOVE this look- totally girly and comfy and just perfect! Love it! I did the same thing too and packed it all up and away.
    Come link up with me at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!


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