Weekend Plans

This is exactly how I will be spending tomorrow morning – a lie in, breakfast and a cup of tea brought back to bed, possibly an episode or two of Nashville, then scheduling some posts for next week and making ‘to-do’ lists for Christmas. Well that’s how I want it to go anyway, whether it does or not depends on a twelve year old and the cat!
I’m not sure about you but this gloomy, cold weather has not made me want to get out of bed in the mornings and after the daughter’s unexpected dental surgery this week and ending up with a kidney infection, a weekend of hibernation is exactly what I’m looking forward to! 
Megan is counting down to Monday when she can open the first door of her advent calendar and although she has started doing some Christmas crafts (oh how she is loving her new hot glue gun!), I am holding off on decorating for another week or so. No such thing happens in this house before December! However, today I’m going to start preparing by having a clean through the house, washing the winter sofa throws and blankets and getting out the fluffy socks – heck we may even start the weekend off by watching ‘Elf’ tonight with home made pizzas and a Yankee Christmas candle!
What are your plans this weekend? Will you be starting to trim up ready for December 1st?
Have a good one!
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