Best Laid Plans

So at the end of last week I said (here) that this weekend would consist of a late Thanksgiving dinner? Yeah, that didn’t happen thanks to a kidney infection making its appearance again. Ribs, chips, coleslaw and an After Eight Mint sundae at Beefeater did though, kind of an American theme though right! It did mean though that I managed to stay in bed most of the weekend which is what I wanted, so silver linings!

Oh and I also said herethat Christmas decorations don’t happen in our house until December hits – yeah that didn’t happen either because as this photo clearly shows, we have a Norwegian spruce parked nicely in our living room!

To be fair though I’m still against Christmas before December, however we worked out that this would be our only opportunity to pick up a real tree until the week before Christmas and I couldn’t let my poor daughter wait that long before decorating! I love the shape of the tree and there’s something magical about coming downstairs in the morning to the smell of a real tree. It’s not fully decorated  yet, that will happen tonight and over the course of the week however we couldn’t leave it up overnight without putting a few decorations on it! So yeah, best laid plans and all! I’m pretty glad though as I usually struggle with getting into the Christmas spirit but putting up the tree and Yankee’s Christmas collection are certainly doing the trick.

In other news….well there isn’t really any, the rest of the weekend was pretty quiet which is just as I wanted. This kidney infection has set the fibromyalgia off and left me unable to do a lot but it did mean that I could lie in bed with the cat, watch the rugby, binge on Nashville season 1 (again), watch more rugby (Way to go Wales!) and eat matchmakers to my heats content! 

And now here we are, December 1st where advent begins. much to Megan’s delight that she can now have a chocolate every morning, where the stress of “I’m so unprepared for Christmas, must do better next year” starts and I begin my final few weeks at the museum! I have a feeling December is going to fly by and I can’t wait to relax Christmas week 🙂 
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, have your festive parties started yet? I know there were a few hangovers amongst my neighbours this weekend!
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4 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Kylie Purtell says:

    Sucks that your not feeling great 😦
    We don't put the decorations up until after December 4th, my husband's birthday. It's nice to let him have his birthday without Christmas muscling in on the action! Lol!
    (Visiting on behalf of #teamIBOT today x)


  2. Amy says:

    I'm getting better thank you 🙂 That's a good plan – I don't think I'd want my birthday being taken over by Christmas either! Thank you for stopping by and I hope your husband has a great day 🙂 x


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