Losing the Crazy Women

It may be -3 outside but the sun is shining and it feels it has been a good start to the week. It may have something to do with being on the edge of an exciting new move or just the fact that I added a bit of tan to my milky white skin but it’s a vast improvement to last week.
Last week I was a crazy woman! I couldn’t get anything done or think straight and was completely overwhelmed by the amount of work pressure the Mr and I were facing. Switching to working for myself hit me like a ton of bricks in the face and I found that a lack of structure lead to me spending most of my days attempting to be productive very unproductively.  After reaching out to some amazing ladies who are self employed and true gems, my panic has diminished and I’m fairly confident of mastering productivity and an organised, calm self shortly. Advice of structuring days, meals and weekly financial breakdowns have been taken on board and although today has been spent on admin, sorting clothes for charity, cleaning and organising my weekly schedule, I feel as though I’m on the first step of becoming more in control.
When I feel as though everything is out of control, the self critic in me becomes exacerbated and last week took full control of my thinking. I’m not going to expand too much today as I plan on writing about it again, but needless to say I was emotional and difficult to be around. Thankfully, some time in an inspiring office with people who are doing great things and a 24 hours with my favourite person have lifted me up (avoiding my admission to the Priory!) and motivated me to push through this week.
The picture above doesn’t really have any bearing on this post but it’s one I was drawn to so it’s there! How are you managing to motivate yourself at the moment? The freezing cold snow / sleet storms really aren’t helping here!
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