Winter Walks

(apologies for the pic quality, they were all on my phone)
We spent this weekend in Somerset due to the motorsport season kicking off again at Brean. The weather turned out to be incredibly cold but sunny and dry which made the perfect combination for walks on the beach between stages with Maya, our gorgeous husky.
I love the beach on a sunny winters day, free from crowds but the sunny reminder of spring and summer yet to come. Wrapped up warm with the chill of the wind brushing my face, the walk certainly blew away the cobwebs and the dogs were enjoying playing on the beach and half attempts to chase the horses riding passed them along the edge of the sea. 
It’s strange to look out to see the Welsh coast, my home, on the other side. It got me thinking about what’s to come, this view will be my new home, the English side rather than the Welsh and I’ll admit there was a pang of homesickness already. That being said I am excited and ready to make the change to country living. A stop off at Clevedon after dark, with it’s Victorian promenade, coffee shops and restaurants over looking the twinkling lights of Wales, made me realise that it’s not far to go back when the longing for city life gets too much.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Walks

  1. EssentiallyJess says:

    Oh I had missed your news about moving! Sorry about that! Yes it must be odd being able to see home, but being so far away from it. Stranger than if you were a long way I think.
    I love the beach too, even in winter. Though we've had some cold summer days lately that have felt like I needed to be rugged up!


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